Flat-Rate Services


Call us to schedule a a free diagnostic. We never charge you to just look at your problem!

e-Waste Recycling

Got old computers, monitors or peripherals gathering dust? Bring them to our shop and we’ll make sure they get responsibly recycled!

Quick Fix

A quick hard drive, memory swap or something we can solve during our free check-up. Anything more…costs more!

Drive Shredding

We can ensure that your data is destroyed beyond reasonable recovery using Department of Defense-standard digital shredding. Price is per drive.

Data Transfer

Transfer of personal data from one source to another. We can transfer from dead laptops, external hard drives with failed controller cards, and just about anything else you can think of.

Full Diagnostics

This include hours of stress-tests and use by technicians with watchful eyes. We will present you with enough information to make an informed decision. The Full Diagnostic fee counts toward your bill if you decide to go ahead with repairs.

Computer Software Tune-Up

We will clean all the accumulated toolbars and other annoyances off of your machine. Additionally we’ll make sure you have all the latest security updates, patches, etc.

Hardware Repair

We will replace the bad hardware components in your laptop or desktop. This includes diagnosing the source of the problem.

New Computer Setup

We’ll set up your new computer, import your old data, install proprietary software (Office, etc.), and clean off the factory-installed bloatware and get it ready to go.

Data Recovery

We can recover data from deleted files and partitions as well as from failing hard drives and RAID arrays. Memory sticks and thumb drives too. Bring your drive in for a free assessment. Price is per drive.

Custom PC Build

Need help building your gaming rig, business server, or doing a full overhaul on your desktop? No problem. Our price includes the building and cable management. Operating System installation is NOT included.

Thermal Tune-Up

Machine overheating? Turning off at random? We can clean out all of the dust/cat hair/dryer lint that is blocking the airflow and causing your computer to go red-hot and die fifteen minutes after turning it on.

Operating System Install/Repair

A complete installation or reinstallation of your operating system or a different operating system that you provide. In order for us to install an operating system for you, we require an official license key (does not apply to Apple or Linux operating systems).

Virus Removal

We employ a brute-force approach to clearing your computer of viruses, trojans, and malware. We provide you with an installation of our free antivirus of choice and tools that allow you to perform maintenance on your system easily. We guarantee our work for 30-days.

DC Power Jack Repair

We can replace a faulty or damaged Power Jack on your laptop. We take apart the laptop, desolder and remove the faulty Power Jack, clean the motherboard, and solder on a new Power Jack.

Drive Imaging

We can create an identical image of one hard drive and clone it to another, regardless of the size. Cost does not include hardware.

Email Client Migration

Need help moving from an old desktop email client (like Outlook) to a new or more stable client (like Thunderbird)? We can do it for a low fee and take all the guesswork out of things for you!

Specialized Hardware Repair

Certain computers, for example the MacBook Pro line from 2009-2012 or most touch-screen laptops, require a lot of extra labor on our part so we have to charge more to work on them.